Advancing New Models of Leadership in the Public Sector

“These Transformational Leadership Skills, essential in the Public Sector not only enhance management and organisational performance, but have a wider impact on the Communities they serve.”

“Our teams have made some powerful business decisions using whole brain thinking and the Darwin Matrix process.” Professor Tim Nichol, Dean of Liverpool Business School, UK.

Future Leaders need to reframe their values and behaviours as well as the tools they have at their disposal to help them to align their vision with the organisations and people they serve so that individuals working with corporate teams can facilitate positive social change.

These include, according to the World Economic Forum; emotional intelligence, values and behaviours; enhancing people management skills that sparks creativity and innovation; the new exciting and emerging technologies and social media.

A recent survey concluded that up to 70% of HR directors believe entrepreneurship, innovation and digital skills are the three areas that leaders need to work on as their operating environments change. Commercial skills (70%) and an ability to adapt to change (60%) were identified as key attributes for successful organisational performance.

We need a new type of aspirational leadership in the public sector and a new set of skills to meet the challenges and take some of the best creative and practical practices from the private sector.

We are experiencing unprecedented slashes to public funds and there is a danger that the morale in the public sector will be seriously challenged. To top it all, we are experiencing a technological revolution that will disrupt everything; the way we interact on a social level, the way we do business, the way we eat, drink and sleep. It’s an exciting time, but with evolution, as we know, there will always be winners and losers. 

How do we stay true to our values and at the same time keep a keen competitive edge?

We are entering a new phase – and these new leadership skills will be essential if we want to address and embrace new disruptive technologies. If we choose to ignore these transformational forces we do so at our peril.

Our leadership mindset needs to be transformed and we must be prepared to adapt quickly.

The World Economic Forum says that 10% of Global GDP will be transacted on the Blockchain within a few years. What people don’t know is that it is already being used in industry today, by smart people who like the idea of competitive advantage and evolving innovation. Governments around the world are eager to adopt the new technologies such as Blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Intelligent agents and new technology applications are already being used in: Business, Financial Services, Retail, Legal, Accounts, Insurance, Supply Chains, Chambers of Commerce, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government, Energy, Advertising, Construction, in Art, in Shipping, in Carbon offsets and in Waste Management. It might be better to ask – which industry does the Blockchain and AI not affect?

Can we afford to fall behind? after all, there is an even greater prize, if we able to adapt in time – these technological revolutions will create a fairer, more compassionate and creative society – if we are willing to open our minds.

Whether it is a combination of Reframing Leadership or embracing new technologies, all roads lead to Rome – one way. It is coming fast and it has no moral compass, and yet, it is argued, they could have profound significance for humankind and they will have a direct impact on our market economies.

The aim of this leadership course is to prepare management for a new type of leadership, that is both creative and compassionate, one that embraces AI and the new technologies with keen insights into how relationships and compassionate management play a key role in adopting these new working practices; how the technologies will affect the value of the Brand Equity in organisations and the decisions we make and how socio-economics will be more important and valued than ever. How Quantum learning can play a role in our understanding our motivations and of whole brain thinking (Quantum Leadership).

As part of the experience, we will be working on real business models and AI to see how they might be re-configured to adapt to the public sector. What effect will Blockchain have on Council’s strategy and Business Models? We will be exploring soft skills and how pre-conscious learning (in preparation for the future) can enhance relationships and how we might empower individuals to release their own inner positive creativity and create a better, more inclusive, and collective co-operative organisation, that feels liberated.

The challenges we face as a society with an older more dependant population means we will have to be more creative in our approach to solving problems and utilise other remedies than have hitherto been unrealised. Unlocking the answer means we have to reframe the questions, so that our minds are open to other possibilities.

What are we doing that will enhance the morale, health, well being and ambitions of our young people? How can we build resilience into their thinking processes, so that are less inclined to depression, self doubt and self harm?

How do we face the mental health issues that affect our workforce and the wider stake-holders? It has been estimated that one person who is struggling with a lack of emotional intelligence will have a wider economic and social impact on another 10 people and that does not even include the well being of his or her family members.

Bringing in these inspirational leadership techniques applies to people of all ages, they will not only improve morale but will enhance individual and team performance so that everyone in the organisation and society as a whole, truly benefits.


Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts -The mission of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) is to enrich society through ideas and action.

LUNARSOCIETY.ORG.UK John is a Fellow, trustee and executive committee member of the – stimulating ideas, broadening debate, catalysing action. Darwin was one of the founders members, along with Wedgwood, Boulton, Watt and Priestley. John has joined CCEG – The Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance as head of Blockchain and – AI to assess Brand and Operational Value. “We are a UN Think Tank focussing on the movement of Non transactional and Social Value.”

IORMA.COM John has joined the Advisory board of – ‘our mission is to bring the benefit of AI and technology into people’s lives’.

Visiting Fellow at the University of Birmingham Business School. “I am pleased to be able to use this as an opportunity to record my thanks to John Rainford for his contribution to Birmingham Business School during my time as Director. John ran the MBA Entrepreneurship course at Birmingham Business School. The ‘Creativity for Competitive Advantage’ Course that John also ran for us was mandatory for all students on our main MBA programme. The feedback from students was consistently positive. John also got on well with the Business School faculty.” Jonathan Michie, Director at the University of Birmingham Business School.

How does Neuroscience and the Darwin Matrix works?

When we conducted innovation workshops in Houston, the key to progress was to fully engage the minds of all of the participants, so we developed an interactive course based on neurological science. It’s a balancing act that we have perfected. Neuroscience is the study of how the brain learns, in particular the impact on behaviour and cognitive learning. The dynamics in terms of team building, including personal and emotional development, cannot be ignored. When we first began this journey of un-brainwashing (taking the blocks away from creative thinking) we found that many good ideas were filed away – lost potentially forever. However, when we introduced an on-line visual digital platform system that recorded their thoughts, and they reflected on them the very next morning – we found that the brain(s) had been processing the information overnight and they collectively welcomed the re-examination. Not only were they able to reframe their deliberations, it set off an explosion of insight and strategic ideas simply because we prepared their minds to do so. These insights and procedures were carried throughout the organisation and proved to be a game changer. The Darwin Matrix is a supreme inspirational medium that all of the teams can access and it continues long after the workshops have finished, so there is continuous evolution and innovation in the organisation. All of the participants can access the information (encrypted) 24/7. (see Un-brainwashing in Houston). It is extremely useful for mentoring and monitoring individuals and teams as part of the professional development and organisational agenda. It helps to keep people on track and motivated, as they are always kept in the loop and they feel part of the decision making process.

John’s work for Shell was originally to deliver a Marketing Consultancy campaign that was so successful they used the Darwin Matrix, not just for innovative marketing, but to empower all of their executives, so they in turn could be more creative. They applied the learning to develop new projects and form new business relationships. John works with some of the worlds largest Advertising Agencies to help with creativity and campaigns using the Darwin Matrix. ‘“The answer is there to all our problems, we just need to look at them with different lenses. For me this course is the future of learning, the next Big thing in leadership.” Afzal Shah 

John mentors business leaders and teaches Innovation and Technology leadership for Business and Corporations as well as in Business Schools and Universities. He has taught ‘Leadership and Pathways to Innovation’ for Business Leaders and Technologists for many organisations, here are a few examples; Royal Dutch Shell, Research and Technology, Houston, Royal Dutch Shell, Amsterdam, Royal Dutch Shell, Kuala Lumpur, Rolls Royce UK, ABB Germany, Ryan (Air) Academy, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, The University of Hong Kong, Birmingham Business School, Birmingham City University and last but not least, Liverpool Business School. He is considered a Thought Leader on the future of Creativity, Technology, AI and Innovation and he has given talks and keynote speeches to ‘enhance social value and awareness’ on three continents.

John’s mantra is that we are only limited by our own imagination. Business success include creativity + technology = innovation. His team(s) deliver strategic consultancy, workshops and keynote talks on technology and innovation.

[email protected] Strawberry Fields, the DNA of Innovation, Transforming People and Technology – see a revolutionary realtime collaboration software tool conceptualised by John to enhance ongoing creativity and innovation in technology and people. Linkedin profile…

Darwin Matrix – Leadership + Creativity + Technology = Innovation Courses for Future Leaders? A personal Recommendation…

“I met John (Rainford) at Kellogg Business School (Northwestern University) – as we collaborated at Kellogg and subsequently on courses at the International Entrepreneurship, I was so impressed by John’s Darwin Matrix that he was leading at Shell Oil and his affiliative and coaching leadership style that I invited him to collaborate with a group of entrepreneurs in Kansas City. John’s creativity, coaching, and communications skills along with his command in business creativity and innovation set him apart. I am honored to have John as a coach and highly recommend him for organizations who are looking to develop their future leaders.”Khensa M. Bangert – Vice President, Marketing & Business Development – Driving Brand, Engagement, Experience, Direction and Growth Revenue. Paramount Work Place, United States. 

“Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.” Warren Bennis.

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